Gabe Newell Responds To Microsoft Takeover Rumours


Microsoft was associated with one or two giant business deals last week.The company is rumored to have prepared for the acquisition of either Electronic Arts or Valve.Valve co-founder and boss Gabe Newell denied this quite clearly.

Gabe Newell

It was or rather would have been a sensation, but from the start, the reports were hard to believe. For example, the head of a market analysis firm, SuperData Research, has spread the “information” that he is very sure that Microsoft will soon announce a giant deal. But even then you could and had to classify that as a rumor. 

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Nevertheless, it inspired the fantasies of many and there was a lot of speculation as to whether something might be right. An acquisition of EA would have cost – as measured by the stock market value – about $ 35 billion, at Valve a potential amount is not known because the developer and operator of the distribution platform Steam is a privately held company.

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The most expensive, surprising and well-known acquisitions by Microsoft:

  • $ 26 billion for the careers network Linkedin
  • $ 5 billion for Nokia’s mobile phone business
  • 100 million dollars for the Sunrise calendar app
  • Unknown purchase price for the interactive streaming service Beam
  • $ 120 million for the Berlin to-do-list makers Wunderlist
  • 2.5 billion dollars for Minecraft developer Mojang
  • $ 8.5 billion for VoIP provider Skype

It is not known what Valve is (currently) worth. The boss of the Bellevue-based Seattle-based company, Gabe Newell, emailed a fan to answer that question.Because he asked Newell a bit dramatically: “Is Valve bought by Microsoft? Please answer, the community is shaken.”

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Newell answered him and a screenshot of his (probably real) answer also found its way to the internet through Forum ResetEra (via Game Debate ). “Not that I know,” the Valve co-founder said shortly in his usual dry way.Although this is not a guarantee that Microsoft does not plan to buy Valve, but the rumor can be shelved for now.


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