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About The Next Rex

With more than 8 years of experience. The Next Rex, specialize in professional web development, graphic designing, and ERP systems. We not only create high-quality and responsive websites but also cater to all your content and design-based needs along with user-friendly data management system so that you can manage all your entries with just a click!
Our team of proficient professionals is ever ready to construct the perfect website you are looking for

Our History

The Next Rex is a leading IT based organization dedicated to providing efficient and effective solutions to your problems.Our expertise lies in customizing solutions fitting to every individual customer’s needs. We are ranked No.1 on Google for School Management System and Inventory Management System in Pakistan.
Our journey began in 2014 and since then, we have been actively providing various and diverse IT services. Founded by two dedicated professionals, the company grew over the years from being a one-man show to a team of dedicated and focused individuals. The company is registered in three different countries, USA, Australia and Pakistan. It is now part of TNR Group Pty Ltd, which also owns AMDM, Ali Jee and many other businesses.

Our Goals

We aim to be the best providers of the finest ERP, school management systems, clinic management systems and inventorymanagement and POS system in the health, academic and industrial sectors. Our aim couples perfectly with our two maintargets, which are to; make our business profitable and have a positive impact on society by making a significant contribution in educational and health institutes so they can manage themselves efficiently.

Our Values

The values we share at The Next Rex keeps us motivated in our goal. To digitalize business and help them grow. This keep us thriving in this industry.


We highly believe in loyalty, we are loyal in our work. The relationships we have built in our journey, are long lasting based on loyalty and trust.


We believe trust is very important factor in any relationship. At The Next Rex, we do not have clients, we have long lasting relationships


We that full ownership of our work. We are accountable of what we do. We know what is good for our client. And yes! we deliver.

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